About Kamal Mushrooms

Kamal Mushrooms has evolved into its present shape as an incubatee at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore being a part of WSP 2018 after a long dormancy period of about 10 years.

It aims at production of mushrooms for the well-being of mankind with special reference to good health,wealth and conversion of waste materials to good food.

It has also been dealing with training of farmers about cultivation of pleurotus and volvariella species to some extent in the State. A big turning point to mention is its organic nature as well as our thrive to kick start the production of Shiitakee mushrooms. Basically, Kamal Mushrooms has been doing as a household unit in the town. Interestingly, Kamal Mushrooms has successfully initiated the artificial cultivation of Volvariella Volvacea locally known as Charu Uyen in the State Manipur for the first of its kind in 2015 and since then the cultivation has been extended to some pockets across the State. Now Kamal Mushrooms has got its own plot in the outskirts of Kakching town and will be continuing its work organically.